Brochure design

Allow your brand to finally shine through. Let us exceed your expectations.

A brochure is a brief booklet form published periodically (e.g. 3 times a year), consisting of a few dozen pages or more, and it presents a description of a company, as well as its products or services.

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int industry sees brochures in the same group as books, in fact books are brochures because of their binding, i.e. gluing the pages with the cover in the binder section.

Brochure design

Give your customers a chance to get to know you and recognize what you do. Your brand is not what you present them, but what they feel about it when they flip the pages of brochure you have designed.

Brochure design

You must be wondering now, how much does a Brochure design cost and how to order one?


  • A brochure’s main feature is to clearly present a company and offer a detailed description of its activities, products, plans and objectives, as well as information about new products or company history.
  • Company information is more elaborate in a brochure than in a leaflet. It is common to use thicker coated paper (glossy) so the overall design could leave a stronger impression on the observer.
  • Brochures envisage a detailed description of a product or your business area, as well as materials used for manufacturing or a short history of your company, etc.


Give your old and new customers more than they expect. Use a brochure to present a selection of your most representational products and the most important information about your company. Give your prospects a chance to see for themselves how your offer is unique and what benefits it brings. And they will appreciate that. See some of our previous work on the portfolio page and allow us to give you a proof of our quality work.  


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