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Memorandum design makes everyone notice your brand and it improves the communication in everyday business.

One of the business communication rules is that every company should have its original memorandum.

Memorandum consists of the top header with a logo, company name, bank account, tax and registration number. The lower header contains company address, telephone number, email address and website. The memorandum middle section can contain your company’s watermark logo. Hence, stationery is a standard A4 size sheet of paper, containing your company’s basic information.

identity, which consists of a memorandum, a logo and a business card.

Memorandum design (print-based) is divided into two groups:

  • Memoranda printable on plain, Inkjet, office printer, and
  • Pre-printed memoranda.

The difference is in the design located on the edge of the paper roll. Namely, if the design is on the edge of the paper, memos are printed on a sheet that is later cut to A4 size.

See our portfolio of select work in the area of graphic design and memorandum design in general. If you need memo or invoice design, fill out our inquiry form and we will contact you ASAP.

Nothing speaks professionalism better than having a personalized memorandum. They tell your clients that you pay attention to what you do and do not take things for granted. You can improve your business significantly and prove to be a reliable partner by having a thorough approach to business. So do not wait any longer and let X-Designers Lancer Studio team to create a unique design solution for your company memos and invoices. It would be an honor to help you achieve success!

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